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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 231 Reviews

Exceptional Support! by Paul on 02/10/2016

We utilize the support of the company responded very quickly and without major complications.

Best needed service for a Magento Website by Mike on 01/17/2016

Thanks team for the best ever security service on time, I have very much thankful to your team for the security patch update and you people given the service on time.

Feature Rich extension for Product Management by John on 01/17/2016

To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether we should give this product manager a try or just search for the needed modules separately. Complex tools often don’t work the right way and conflict with other extensions. I just can’t stand all these magento problem-solving. However, one product manager is much less expensive than a bunch of modules so we gave it a try. It took about a week to understand how it all works. Every-day work became more efficient now, that’s noticeable. I don’t regret taking a risk and purchasing the plugin. Thanks, guys)

Good extension to have! by William on 01/17/2016

This extension works as described and has a good set of features which makes product management better for every admins of magento. Thanks for the great extension, we will purchase more from your company. Also suggest you to our friends.

A "must one extension" for all magento store owners by Richard on 01/17/2016

This extension package is a "must one extensions" for all the magento store owners! It makes all product editing so much easier and includes lots of handy tools for making mass editing. Also developer support is super amazing!

Easy Product Manager - The one reduced my whole work to 50% by Edwin on 01/17/2016

Really very good extension , it makes the magento admin works easy and quick . Thanks to the mass actions no more time wasting , atribute simply copied , so all you have to change the product , you can do directly in the catalog view . So this extension is "must have one" for the magento store admins!

Haltngo is Awesome, and thats it by Michael Kozakewich on 09/06/2015

We were ranking at Google page 5 and 6 and stuck there, installed Haltngo and within 3/4 weeks we were on Google page 1 for most of our keywords, I couldn't rate this theme any higher and the support is excellent for issues I was unable to deal with, as long as your SEO is in reasonable to good shape this theme will work wonders for your site, we don't even have any decent backlinks, so this theme, has in my estimation got it all. Install it and you wont be disappointed.

Fast and Nice Magento Theme by Sven Helmberger on 09/06/2015

Magento is a big giant and I tried many solution for increase the fastness of my site, This template decrease the download time and the pages are made all for seo. There are many function that normally must buy apart. and Peter was very kind, fast and accurate.

PERFECT! I`ve tried a lot of themes... by Ryan Allen on 09/06/2015

I`ve tried a lot of themes from template monster and theme forest, but Haltngo.com new version was the best one, faster and simple perfect theme for any business! And they are providing free installations and support too.

Must Have Extension by Matt Doar on 08/30/2015

Showcases my stores in best designs with easy searching funcenality.

Extension for Fashion Shops by David Locke on 08/30/2015

Gives more value to my fashion store by giving colors and sizes.

Great Extension by `Sven Helmberger on 08/30/2015

Best Extension for Magento Admins

Best Extension by Frankie Filibuster on 08/30/2015

Best ever extension for creating forms in Magento.

Working Great by Daniel Larsson on 08/29/2015

Created a lot Gift Cards for my Store Users, Working Great Cheers :)

Gives Social Value to My Store by joe-jane on 08/29/2015

Best extension working super good :)

Easy Menu Creator Extension by Leo Dillon on 08/29/2015

Easy way of creating your magento website menu in a different way.

It make everything easy by Ryan Allen on 08/29/2015

After the installation of the extension the sales bounce in my website reduced to a 20%

Best Testimonials Extension by Brown Jones on 08/29/2015

The one which I have looked for my store.

Best Extension by Jenifer Solomon on 08/29/2015

Must have extension for a fashion store magento website working awesome :)

Best fitting women store theme by Harry Gosh on 08/29/2015

The best theme ever I have used for my magento store, looking awesome.

Best Theme for my Store by Henry Wayne on 08/29/2015

This theme suites a best fit in to my store, my customers giving best reviews about my new website look :)

Forms made easy by Jerry Oveal on 08/29/2015

The extension working as mentioned and giving a best values to my website.

Best Store Locator in the Market by Juston Steward on 08/29/2015

I have tried a lot store locator for my magento website, finally it fixed to my store, thanks team :)

Best and Good Extension Ever by Percy Blackney on 08/29/2015

It has helped my website a lot by sending lot and lot social signups and with easy login. Loved it.

Best Product Editor Extension for Magento - Making Things Easy by Clifton on 07/30/2015

Highly recommend this product to stores which have high numbers of product. With this product editor you can managey any number of products in your store, I have managed a 1000 no products and it very easy for me to manage everything. The Haltngo team has provided great support as well, helping us with some minor customisations that our business requires. 2 thumbs up!

Thanks for the good extension for magento Customer Testiomonials :) by Morris on 07/30/2015

Good way of making customer trustworthy in magento is very hard, but the customer testimonial extension makes it easy. I loved the extension and not website having more sales then before.

Best Extension for making Magento Registration Easy :) by Rodrigo on 07/30/2015

The functionality of this extension is exactly what we wanted for allowing customers from various social networks. It allows us to manage every social customers through their favorite social networks very easily. Installing the extension was very quick and easy. We ran into a theme conflict issue and the Haltngo Support team had the problem resolved in 24 hours. That's GREAT support!

Best Extension to My Big Magento Stores by Freddie on 07/30/2015

The extension works out of the box. Stores Locations works Awesome and easy to search products amount stores now easy. Also we had some customisation wishes, the developer Haltngo Magento did it. Fast and reliable!!! Thumbs up! Just enjoy this extension!!!!!

Best Extension to Make Faster Checkouts by Enrique on 07/30/2015

The functionality of this extension is exactly what we wanted for allowing customers to purchase in single steps. It allows us to manage existing customers as well, etc. very easily. Installing the extension was very quick and easy. We ran into a theme conflict issue and the Haltngo Magento team had the problem resolved in 24 hours. That's GREAT support!

Great Extension and Support! by Terrance on 07/30/2015

Really good extension, guys are really helpful too. Needed support and these guys were on case! Defiantly recommend this!

THE BEST AN USEFUL EXTENSION EVER!!! by Tracy Mory on 07/30/2015

I have used this extensions for a year now, I went thru one magento upgrade (1.7 to 1.9) and a change of the theme, I never have had a bug, no once, and when I needed to contact the developer because I did not know how to achieve an specific task, he always responded fast and in a very efficient way. This extension is incredibly useful for very complex forms and also to create very simple tasks as inserting a "subscribe" little form in any page or even blocks. I don't know where are the other hundreds of comments that this extension had a few days ago? Put it back please, people need to know how good your extensions are!!!

Great Form Creator Extension and Support by Marion on 07/30/2015

I've installed this extension in a Magento 1.9, following the developer recommended steps and it worked out at first. The Form Builder extension configuration is easy and intuitive. Although I have not needed support, I had to clarify doubts concerning domains key license, and the answers from the support have been fast and helpful.

The haltngo team provide the best themes with support in magentoville, bar none. by Curtis on 07/17/2015

First of, the theme is beautiful and excellently written. The bundled extensions offers great flexibility in design and added features. Support and after sales services are FIRST CLASS and friendly: Quick answers and great help/support whenever needed. Thank you!

Great theme, first class support! by ANTONIO on 07/17/2015

The best there is! We all look at prices at purchase time but Haltngo's products are more than worth the price. It's after-sales that counts! Amazing all-in-one solution. Really the best available. And if you think "there are other great solutions too", think twice - because this one also has top expert support that's responsive and helpful even outside their products!

Best ever Theme an Support by michaelsdk on 07/15/2015

Bought this theme was the best thing that I do for my store. Haltngo theme is clean, fast, professional, looks beautiful and the support is great. With the theme came several great extensions. Riyan have my theme installed very fast and I am so greateful for that. I really like Haltngo theme!

The best Magento theme available by Mike on 07/15/2015

Super support. Your team followed the problems to the end to ensure all problems were fixed. Bought this extension - to get a more professional design. Have some problems with translation - but super support. The Haltngo Support team followed the problems to the end to ensure all problems were fixed.

Love it by Salazar on 06/21/2015

Nice extension with a lot of features. I love the themes and the best populated form. We did have some minor issues installing the extension in our web shop. Plugin Company gave us great support and solved the issue very quickly (it turned out to be a caching issue).

Incredible service by Hubbard on 06/21/2015

Bought the extension and everything was as described. I minor problem was solved at once! Together with my first support question, I had some suggestions to the extension. BIG where my surprise when 5 hours later all the improvements where made and a new version was online… What can I say – just incredible.

Excellent extension with a superb technical support by Kaufman on 06/21/2015

The extension, the technical support... I can't tell which thing is best. This is a must-have extension. Easy to use, 100% useful. We had some questions, that Riyan, from the technical support answered really soon. Thanks Haltngo!

Works Great, Professional Installation by MCCRAY on 06/21/2015

I am always scared of Magento Extensions, in case they break something, or the entire site, but we had numerous requests for gift cards. This worked great, and the fact that they handled the installation made life much, much easier.

Works Perfectly and Great Support by Timothy on 06/20/2015

This plugin works great. I would recommend paying for professional installation. It saved me time. They were very helpful and resolved my questions very quickly. I have no hesitation about recommending this company or their Magento modules. Very happy.

Works as expected and great support by GEORGE on 06/20/2015

Installing the product was super easy and I was able to get a very prompt response when I needed support that fixed my issue. Would highly recommend.

Great product and first class support! by LEONARD on 06/20/2015

This is what I call a best in class extension builder. Great useful extensions with an outstanding support team. Many thanks !

The best product and support team I ever found by DANNY on 06/20/2015

I was really impressed by the product: excellent, with a lot of functions for a low price. The support was great! I did some errors during the installation and they answered me and they solved my problems in few minutes. Thank you, I'm really grateful!

Really amazing extension and excellent support from Haltngo by JIMMY on 06/20/2015

This is an amazing extension. It was the first time I bought and installed one and it was really simple and quick. I had some questions and I asked Haltngo who answered me in few minutes with a complete explanation or resolution to my problem. They really helped me a lot. I suggest this extension at all, and it's also the best in terms of quality/price.

Expect the best by LUIS on 06/20/2015

Absolute what i was looking for. Easy to install, great backend. All the functions i was looking for and even more.

Good Product and Service by Vivek on 05/31/2015

Very satisfied with the theme and service by the haltngo.com team.

Great Product by RedTail on 05/31/2015

Pleased with theme and support. We have received a lot of complements about the look of our theme and its appearance on mobile devices. We have been very pleased with the support team and the response time.

Great thanks by John D on 05/31/2015

Working great ! Wooow Looking!

Great theme by superhiper on 05/31/2015

Bought this theme was the best thing that I do for my store. Haltngo theme is clean, fast, professional, looks beautiful and the support is great. With the theme came several great extensions. Riyan have my theme installed very fast and I am so greateful for that. I really like Haltngo Magento themes!

CMSBazaar is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 231 user reviews.

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